How long do I get this for?

You have access forever.

What’s the 4 week countdown about?

A deadline is great motivation – otherwise it’s too easy to procrastinate. We give your child a 4 week countdown timer at the top of the Toolkit to encourage them to crack on. After all, the sooner they start, the better! At the end of the 4 weeks, the timer simply disappears and you keep your access. 

Do we get the ‘pro’ version of the Revision Plan Generator?

Yes. You can prioritise certain subjects, block out days, and automatically add weekend blocks. You get control over how many blocks happen by term too. 

Does the planner integrate with Google / Apple calendars?

Yes. You download a .ics file which you can then import into the calendar of your choice. 

Can I print a copy of their revision plan?

Yes. You can download the printable pdf. 

Can I go back and edit their plan later?

Yes. It can be edited any time, including manually adding or removing blocks, for example around mocks. 

Are the revision checklists specific to an exam board?

Yes. There’s a different checklist for each different exam board, so you’ll go through your child’s subjects and pick the exam board they’re doing. 

Have you got checklists for everything?

We think so! We’ve covered GCSEs, BTECs and iGCSEs, but if you find something we’ve missed, just let us know and we’ll make it for you! 

My child is in Year 9 – is this suitable?

Yes. The study skills are applicable already, and then you’ll still have access to everything when they’re ready for the checklists etc. 

My child has already started their GCSEs – is it too late?

No! While the sooner they start, the more it’s likely to improve their results, it’s always better late than never!

What if I can’t get my child to look at this?

You’ve got a couple of choices. You can simply ask for a refund, or you can enlist us to help persuade them – there’s a video at the start explaining to them what’s in it for them too. We’ll happily hop on a zoom and see if we can help – just ping us an email. 

Any other questions? Email me on emily@parentguidetogcse.com. 

Still have questions? Check out ‘everything you need to know about the GCSE Toolkit‘!


The GCSE Toolkit has the ‘MPC Spiral’ embedded into the very DNA of it, using Nudgology to harness the power of psychological momentum. 

This works to create an unstoppable sense of progress that your child won’t want to break, building their confidence, and motivating them to continue their ‘winning streak’.

“The revision checklists have ensured that my daughter stayed on track all year.” Amanda 

If you feel the Toolkit isn’t working for you, we’ll give you a refund. Simple as that. No small print, no inquisition. (That said, we’d much rather help you make it work, so if you’re really struggling to get your child on board, we’ll happily hop on a quick Zoom chat to try and get them ‘sold’. Sometimes they just need to hear it from someone else… ??‍)

Having a plan

Students are asked to do so much these days that it’s no wonder they often get overwhelmed. 

When faced with a neverending to-do list of topics to be revised, most students just don’t start. Our Revision Plan Generator will help them create a plan for the year in less than 10 minutes. It’ll break everything down into manageable chunks so that your child doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

Know what to cover

8+ subjects, each with multiple topics… there’s a lot to cover at GCSE. 

You could look it up on each exam board website, but to give you an idea, the AQA Science specification alone has 198 pages… 

Our printable checklist for every subject let your child track what they’ve already done for each subject, so they won’t end up wasting time repeating topics (and they won’t miss any either!). 

Knowing where to find resources

There are roughly eleventy-billion websites out there with ‘revision’ resources. Some are great. Some are not. The trick is knowing where to find the great ones. 

Our cheatsheets will signpost your children to the best revision sites. We’ve covered English, maths and science revision, as well as including key information and formulae. 

Using the right revision methods

Knowing how to revise is a skill in itself. 

Our study skills video will take your child through the basics of revising, from mind maps to note-taking – with the aim that they choose a method that works for them. 

This is such an important factor in exam success and one schools often forget to cover as teachers are focussed on their particular subject. 

This alone could save your teen hours of pointless highlighting and post-it notes – AND improve their grades. 

Being resilient

It’s never plain sailing. There are common problems that most students will face at one point or another during their GCSEs. 

When the going gets tough… students often quit. We’ll talk them through common problems students face, and how to beat them. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a world where our kids cared about their results as much as we do…? ? 

If they don’t know what they’re working towards, then too often they’re not motivated to put in the work.

Yes, you could bribe/reward them for studying, but that could get expensive (and it’s not always the best life lesson for them). Our Masterclass will help them to work out what’s in it for them. It’s one of the most powerful things we’ve created (and I wish I’d watched it as a teenager!) 

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.” 

Getting organised

Getting Motivated

Supercharging their studying time 

Covering all the content

Rather than throwing hundreds of pounds at one subject via a tutor, you could invest in your child's future by giving them the skills and strategies to not only smash their GCSEs, but then their A-levels, university courses, and anything their job throws at them!

If we sold the elements of the Toolkit individually, it would be worth over £300.

You'll get INSTANT (and lifetime) access to all the resources when you sign up.

You'll also be sent a 'magic link' that takes you straight to the Toolkit and logs you in automatically, which you can pass on to your child so they can get in any time they like!

What if I have more than one child?  

Awesome!  It's lifetime access, so you can use it with more than one child.  

What if my child won't engage with the Toolkit?

We have a 100% no-quibble money-back guarantee. 

85% of parents don't feel that their child's school has taught them how to revise.

(We're not blaming schools - they're overworked and underfunded.)

By supporting your child to learn effectively at home, they'll be getting more out of every single revision session from that moment on. 

Do you really want to waste any more time and energy nagging?

Why us?

We've poured over 30+ years of teaching experience into the Toolkit, plus countless hours of research on the psychology of the teenage brain.

Emily has a Masters from Cambridge University in Mathematics with Education (having attended the local Community School - no silver spoon here). 

Now, although that sounds fancy, it doesn't actually mean much - what you really care about is whether I can get your teenager motivated, right?

Here's what some of our parents have said:

We’ve just spent a good couple of hours taking the masterclass and both loved it! Holly thoroughly enjoyed it, sceptical at first but as soon as the first task requested that we go house hunting; she was hooked! It’s inspired lots of chatting about her career thoughts, goals and what she realistically needs to be earning to buy that apartment near to Fulham Football Club. By writing things down, she has those goals and aspirations in front of her to remind herself what she wants to achieve.


My daughter found the revision cheat sheets and having all the websites and information in one clear and concise place invaluable. Back in August, I would never have thought my daughter would still be so invested in her revision several months on! 


My daughter has always revised by making and reading notes. Since she learned about mindmapping she’s learning things so much faster!


We have just completed the Toolkit - yay!  Yr 11 Boy - He has engaged, he knows what he is aiming for (in terms of grades needed for the college course he thinks he wants to do) - he has had a go at some quiz style apps and we have selected which ones we are going to use alongside making Mind Maps and Flash Cards to cover all topics by half-term (yes - that's the plan!!).



Our brand-new Module, the Exam SuperBoost. 

Everything your child needs to be ready for their exams, from exam technique to mindset.

Checklists for every subject

Access to the full revision plan generator

Revision Resource guide for English, maths & science

Motivation Masterclass

Exam preparation & technique tips

Study Skills support

We'll even nag them for you!

What do we cover in the Toolkit?

No more wasting money on revision support your child doesn’t use.

Our unique Forget-Me-Knot means this won't just be another revision guide that sits on their shelf gathering dust.

We’ll not only send your child reminder nudges via text, we’ll also send you email updates on their progress, so you can feel confident they’re making the most of the Toolkit.

Psychology for the win...

Momentum is the key

Getting started is often the hardest part. 

That's why we use lots of tiny nudges.  

Nothing 'big' or 'scary' to put them off getting going.

Once they've started, we use positive reinforcement to keep that momentum going.  We'll be cheering them on in the Toolkit, and we'll keep you updated so that you can cheer them on too.

Before long, they'll start to see their progress, both in their revision and in their results.  We make this really simple with our topic checklists.

The more progress they can see, the more confidence they'll have.  It'll feel like a winning streak, and they won't want to break it...

... meaning they'll keep the momentum going!

The longer they stay in this positive spiral, the bigger the final effect on their grades.